Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Our presentation on the regulation, funding and the legislation of the BBC

This is our powerpoint presentation on the regulation, funding and legisaltion of the BBC.

In this presentation we included information about how the BBC makes money as a commercial business and from the licence payers. We also included facts about how its commercial activities have three main objectives, that are:
To contribute to the United Kingdom’s broadcasting export.
Bringing a United Kingdom outlook at culture and the world market.
To generate sufficient income to better develop the standard of programmes.

The types of funding information that we we created includes how the BBC is paid for directly through each household TV licence. This allows it to run a wide range of popular public services for everyone, free of adverts and independent of advertisers, shareholders or political interests.

We also included a table of the BBC’s main source of funding for its
television and radio services.

Our final slide gave information on the Public Service Remit. The watchdog says that public service broadcasting will not survive in the digital age if the current range of PSB offerings on state-backed (BBC) and commercial (ITV, Channel 4, Five) stations is not overhauled and if the way they are paid is not radically changed.

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