Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Future of British Broadcasting


Advertising is a big factor in television.

The key issues affecting British television today are:

- Piracy.
- New technology - The internet and iplayer.
- Funding.
- Audience - Fragmented Audience.

What will be the key features in ensuring its success or downfall in the future?

- Outside funding - Different models of funding.
- Format setting - Advert production.
- Trans media model - Sharing production.
- Use of new technology across differnt countries.

What other issues can you think of that may/will affect the British broadcasting?

- Declining popularity of television as a medium.
- Piracy.
- American television being high quality. Same qualities as some of the Hollywood films because of the money.

- Channel 4 and BBC are public service and are funded by the licence payer.

- Quality of American programming.
- More cost efficient to buy the programmes than it is to make them.

- Product placement.

PSB - Public Service Broadcasting means that there are laws regarding product placement and other elements of output.

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